10 Safest Money Transport Vehicles in the World{

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10 Safest Money Transport Vehicles in the World

- How about you use normal measurements, which normal people can understand.
lb, ft and gallon mean absolutely nothing to 70% of people, including me.
Other than that your videos are cool.
- You could recalculate the values ​​for viewers from Europe. I have no idea how many kg is 10,000 pounds🤔😕
- 🌎 mani tractor 🚜 plz
- Indian brand mhandhra and tata ♥
- Top 10 SWAT vehicles plz
- Come to South Africa our cash in transit vehicles get blown up with IED man made ones. No armoured vehicle can withstand it.
- All are marcedec benz
- I almost heard "Gruppo Battistolen"
- Best YouTuber no question
- Almost no European armoured company's, is it because you don't know or because of lack of information
- All this veicules was build to tranffic for the roads of Brazil, hir is very dangerous transport
- 3:57 why do they add the orange stuff I thought it was armoured
- Most are in Brazil
- Make the vedio ships sink in ocens
- I’m hoping that MB commercial vehicles have better reliability than their cars
- In metric values please
- Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction more videos.
- bus
- Great👍👏 work💯💯🔥🔥
- I love your videos they’re so good can you make top 10 best police cars in Canada