Future Public Transport - Next Generation Transportation System{

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Future Public Transport - Next Generation Transportation System

- With that traffic it would be unnecessary future transport.
- Okay but passengers can’t get out wherever they want also it will be near impossible for all the drivers avoid tracks at all times which will cause accidents
- Just build a fucking tram.
- wow💗🇧🇩
- In Great China, they did this. Yea ...it was only fake for investors. :D
- this assumes everyone maintains perfect lane awareness. have you seen people drive? lmao
- Ek baat jab itni achhi tecnology ka
Upyog hogaa toh phir ye care ke
Istemaal kion or jaam kion personal
Caron ki jaroorat kion 🔥🔥🔥🔥
- Super bro you are the real hero in invention
- Its completely unnecessary to have that thing in the real world. Look how congested those things made the road! It might have a lot of accidents too looking at the space for road cars they have to offer.
- @2:45 my dude needs to work on his number plate skills :)
- Beautiful! Please tell me what tools were used to create the animation? Thanks!
- 未来公交车2030年
- 巴铁巴士2030年
- they just remove motorcycle from existince
- This is so fucking ridiculous. Why would there be such an amount of car traffic if such huge modes of transport existed? If these things were actually full, half of the cars would be gone.
- I am here because of spanish class I have to watch the video then answer question on the test
- i dont think anyone would even buy a car in the future XD
- they look like big robotic bugs!