How to Talk About Transport and Driving in English - Spoken English Lesson{

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How to Talk About Transport and Driving in English - Spoken English Lesson

- How do you get around your hometown? What are the advantages or disadvantages of different forms of transport where you live? Don't forget to let us know in the comments!
- I live in a small town so the best way to move around is riding a bicycle or walking. There isn’t a metro but there are many bus lines.
I use to drive a lot because I prefer to be independent to leave when I want and also because I have two children to bring in different places sometimes.
- I go to school by Motorbike. Sometime I take the bus if My motorbike is broken.
Your Videos are useful for me to study English. Thanks you very much
- I mostly use public transport, and sometimes wolk
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- She is still using the "Subaru baracca"
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- Tu też bym zerknął: kwiaty Lublin dla mnie ciekawe.
- I usually use the school bus to go to school, and usually I use a motorcycle taxi to go to a friend's house then I use the car to go to grandma's house :D
- I need english teacher one to one online, do you offer?
- i have a lucky trip to hometown from working city. there is only one train reaching my hometown. i am not lucky enough to buy the tickets. i almost gave up the hope for going home. i just check the plane tickets by app and found some cheaper tickets. there is no direct flight for me. so i just fly by air from working city to xi'an city and then i need to transfer to train. the plane already delays after we land. it is around 5pm. and no taxi will drive us for a short distance to a nearby train station or they charge more than what i expect. they always prefer longer distances. we almost in panic and do not know what we should do. a man appears and say 20 rmb can do it for you. i am happy. this is how we arrive at the train station till we miss it. then the travel is smooth.
- 1. you can take air to chengdu. after you landed. you can take metro No 10 for 5 stops and transfer to line 3 and get off at Panada avenue station from exit A. just a reminder, subway accepts alipay as well. it is very convenient. then you can take bus No 198 outside the metro station. and get off Panada base station. it is the last stop, so you can not miss it.
- public transporation. the city i am living now has the metro, bus and taxi. my hometown so far is just bus, taxi.
- Train is best transportation for my city.
It’s always on time,It has enough space for every body.
- i mostly use cycle
- I usually ride my bike to go around my city .even to pick up my kid from his school . I think it takes a less time than to use public transportation as bus or taxies.because there are a lot of stops and trafice
- Thanks. This is a useful video. In Italian school we don’t learn this things. Probably it’s for this reason that we are going to bankrupt.
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