Medieval transport - the beginners' guide{

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Medieval transport - the beginners' guide

- Lindy, how would they go downhill on a waggon laden with gear? I’m guessing they didn’t have brakes
- Traveller: "Can you tell me the quickest way to get to town?" Local: "Are you walking or going by car?" Traveller: "By car". Local: "Well...that's the quickest way."
- I wonder what the logistics of animals like camels would be like in the past. certainly they would have been widely employed in the eastern trade
- What about the book you had to finish four years ago and for which you took my money?
- Love your work Mr. Beige. Fantastic!... then watched this ... .hehe
- Lloyd please see what your countryman has done - Martin Liedtke's research is more than you could ever dream, really, take a look at it.
- "so there" 😂
- I truly enjoy your videos. Thus far, only you make almost any topic fun and interesting. Medieval transport and river crossings are just two of my many favorites. Thank you from Seattle.
- The Hashknife portion of the Pony Express still does an annual ride carrying the mail from Holbrook to Phoenix Arizona. The Hashknife brand is still in use to this day, by the original owner of the brand, the Aztec Land and Cattle Company.
- "I decided not to tell you, why it is 1/2d"
One month later: Making a video about british coinage
- Are you going to do a video on staple rights?
- Lindy is just elite, every damn video
- "you might want to go to Derby*

no I really don't lindy that sounds like hell
- Jokes on you Im from the countryside originally hahaaa
- Yeah my ancestors really loved englands rivers for the

- ton tun as a german i wasn´t able to hear a diverence.. than i thought about it and in germany we don´t even have two different words ^^ Tonne = ton Tonne =tun xD but we also have another name for barrel = Faß... just funny
- I love this channel
- “Poor people can have a clapped out old banger” hahaha
- Just a note, the pony express was viable in the great plains area because there was no better transport. They went bankrupt because the trans contentinal railroad was finally completed in 1861 and cut the price of sending a letter to well below what the express needed to stay solvent. The express filled a need, until something better came along.
- So wagons require the Medieval equivalent of the rocket equation.